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The CDC Board of Directors created a “Dorset Hall of Fame Program” to recognize the many individuals that have helped to make the Dorset breed great. A nomination form has been established and is available at the CDC website: Please take a minute to download, fill out and send in a form on one of the many deserving individuals in the Dorset breed, past and present.
The CDC would like to recognize The Dorset Hall of Fame’s second class this year at the National Sale. Nominations need to be into the CDC Office by March 15, 2013. People selected to the “Hall of Fame” will be recognized by the CDC with an appreciation plaque at the annual meeting and will be listed on the CDC website recognizing their contributions to the Dorset breed. Any person in the sheep industry may make nominations. Once a name is submitted it will remain nominated so no repeat nominations need to be made the following year.
The CDC is looking forward to inducting 2 individuals this year. The Dorset breed has had many great individuals involved with it and it will be nice to recognize them for their dedication and accomplishments.

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With the ever growing reproductive technology becoming more readily available and with the problems this causes with the conventional registration procedures in place, the CDC has developed two new forms to be used in ET and some AI registrations.The first form is an “Embryo Transfer Flush Form”. This form needs to be filled out at the time of the flush as the technician needs to sign the form, and sent into the CDC office before any lambs can be registered from that flush. This form will also be used if one sells any embryos from a flush with certain signature provisions as explained on the form.The second form is a “Sale of Semen Declaration Form”. This form needs to be filled with the CDC office at any time a breeder obtains semen from a ram they do not own, foreign and domestic. This form will replace the conventional ram lease form in the case of AI and ET matings. If the semen is from a foreign registered Dorset ram, the CDC does recognize other Dorset association pedigrees but a copy
of that pedigree needs to be filed at the same time and the registration of that ram into the CDC registry also needs to be paid for.Ownership of the sire and dam is the basic requirement for registration of their offspring sowhen this paper trail is disrupted by technology then the CDC does need to have further paperwork submitted to prove ownership. Thank you in advance for your nderstanding in getting these formscompleted and sent in for your future registrations. The filing of this paperwork takes effect as ofJanuary 1, 2013 for any registrations being done after that date. Technicians should have given youcertificates when they did your ET or AI work so you should have no trouble in getting the new forms filled out and submitted. If you have any questions please feel free to call the CDC office. Forms are available on the cdc website under the "FORMS" tab.
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Pipestone Lamb and Wool Facility Tour, June 4th, 2018

The Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program, dedicated to changing sheep production to make it more profitable for producers, is excited to offer an idea filled sheep facility tour. The Pipestone Lamb and Wool program offers this tour every other year and this will be the sixth tour offered. The purpose of the tour is to give producers an opportunity to see various types of sheep facilities, including the latest innovations in sheep buildings, handling systems, feeding systems and facility layout.
The tour will be a full day, visiting four Lamb and Wool producers with new and remodeled facilities. All of these operations have devised their buildings and feeding systems to reduce labor and enable them to run larger numbers of ewes with the same labor. Tour participants will see lambing barns, hoop barns, remodeled buildings along with various feeding systems designed to reduce labor and minimize feed waste. In addition, this will be an opportunity to hear the philosophy of sheep production from successful sheep producers.
Visit our website for registration information and to view pictures of tour locations. Registration forms and additional information about our facility tour are available on our web page or individuals can contact the Pipestone Lamb and Wool Management Program, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, P.O. Box 250; Pipestone, MN 56164, (800) 658-2330, or 

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