Dorsets well suited for youth projects
Considering all of the desirable attributes of the Dorset breed they lend themselves to make excellent youth breeding projects and market lamb projects.
Dorsets place in the sheep industry
Dorsets breed out-of-season, are excellent mothers and milkers, lamb with relative ease, and produce a high percentage of multiple births.  They are meat-type sheep with excellent carcass traits.  Due to their moderate size and fast, effcient growth, they are profitable producers of lamb, milk, and wool.  Because of these qualities the Dorset sheep are adaptable to all types of sheep enterprises, from the full-time large commercial producer to the small part-time farm flock owner.
The Continental Dorset Club has several programs for its youth from the Ewe Lamb Futurity program to the sanctioned Regional and National Junior Shows.
Breed Standards Guide Book
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