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American Dorsets recently celebrated 100th year
In 1998 the Continental Dorset Club celebrated its 100th year of existence by having a record breaking National Sale and by donating a foundation flock of Dorsets to Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.  A history book of the Continental Dorset Club & The Dorset Breed was also published to commemorate the breed's everlasting influence in the American sheep industry.
Continental Dorset Club
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Youth Dorset Ewe Purchase Grant Application

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Introducing the “Dorset Standard of Excellence
Continental Dorset Club remains committed to the revised Dorset Breed Standard
to its education for Dorset breeders and judges. A few years ago, a committee was
formed to put together an educational guidebook of the “Dorset Breed Standard of
Excellence” that would include picture of all the traits whether good, acceptable and not
acceptable, so people would have visual reference of the traits to make it easier to
comprehend and understand. Thanks to the great efforts of Melanie Barkley, Penn
State Extension Educator, past CDC Board Member and Dorset breeder of many years,
collected the photos and designed the attached guidebook.
are offering this book as a pdf file on the CDC website currently and it will be
forwarded to all of the CDC Certified judges that we have current emails for. As you
scroll through the photos you will notice that some photos are missing. If you have any
photos that depict the trait where we are missing photos please forward them to the
office at: Also, even if you have a photo of an already pictured
that you think is appropriate, please send those on. It is our goal to get all of the
pictures filled in and then be able to make a hard copy of this guidebook to publish for
breeders and judges.
Please take some time and go through the new guidebook. I think you will find it full of
educational materials and photos that help explain the good traits we are looking for in
Dorset breed, and those that we are trying to avoid.

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Dorset Connection
Certified Judges List
Fall 2018 Issue
2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale
Supreme Champion Ram 
Grand Champion Polled Dorset Ram - Fall Ram Lamb
Cedar Lane Dorsets, Manawa, WI
2018 Illinois State Fair Junior Show
Supreme Champion Ewe
Grand Champion Polled Dorset Ewe - Fall Ewe Lamb
Taylor Crouch, Maroa, IL
2018 Keystone International Livestock Junior Show
Supreme Champion Ram
Grand Champion Polled Dorset Ram - Fall Ram Lamb
Olivia Waggoner, East Berlin, PA
2018 BIG Open Sheep Show
Supreme Champion Ram - Week One
Grand Champion Polled Dorset Ram - Fall Ram Lamb
Evan Syme, South Windsor, CT
2018 New Jersey State Fair
Supreme Champion Ewe
Grand Champion Horned Dorset Ewe - Yearling Ewe
Emma Oberholtzer, East Earl, PA
2018 Kentucky State Fair
Supreme Champion Ewe
Grand Champion Polled Dorset Ewe - Yearling Ewe
Thomas Vandeventer, Camargo, IL
2018 Virginia State Fair
Supreme Champion Ram
Grand Champion Polled Ram - Yearling Ram
Heishman Dorsets, Mt. Jackson, VA
2018 California State Fair
Supreme Champion Ewe
Grand Champion Polled Ewe - Fall Ewe Lamb
Ashley & Kristina Klampe, Jefferson, OR
2018 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Show
Supreme Champion Ewe & Supreme Champion Bred & Owned Ewe
Grand Champion Polled Dorset - Yearling Ewe
Luke Spilde, Stoughton, WI
2018 Wisconsin State Fair
Supreme Champion Ewe Meat Breed Rotation 1
Grand Champion Polled Dorset - Fall Ewe Lamb
Casey Lobdell, Darlington, WI